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Getting to yes with your banker

A Step by Step Path to YES

Ron, an experienced entrepreneur and Greg, a seasoned bank president, who both have scars from their experiences, often approach this timely topic from different perspectives.

A concise, insightful (and sometimes humorous) guide to understanding the world of banking-and how you can navigate all the tricky waters.

You'll learn dozens of do's and don'ts to build the right relationship with your banker from an entrepreneur who has decades of experience getting to YES. You'll also get the perspective from the other side of the desk from a bank president who has reviewed the business plans and loan applications of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

The book is packed with tips and advice on how to choose and get along with a banker, what they want to see, a must have guide for both start ups and existing business persons, featuring perspectives from both the banker and entrepreneur’s.

Chapter 1
All I Need Is Money
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Chapter 2
How to Choose (and Court) a Banker
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Chapter 3
Banking is a Contact Sport
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Chapter 4
How Not to Get Your Banker Fired
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Chapter 5
Money Doesn't Matter (Until You Don't Have Any)
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Chapter 6
A Loan, Again? Naturally !
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I read your new book over the past week- ‘Getting your Banker to Yes’.
I honestly thought I knew everything there was to know about dealing with a banker since this is something I do all of the time, I mean literally every day of my business life for over 20 years.
You guys did a really nice job with the book – well laid out, very easy to follow. I got a lot of useful information out of the book. I am going to get a copy for my controller and have him read it too.
Anthony 'Tony' Loth
CFO Waste Partners of Texas, Inc.